It is the destination that matters

At least for your shoes it is!

Your shoes are the first impression to your style

We help keep them spotless, as they were when you left the house

Walk with ease.



From top to bottom, your shoes are well taken care of!

Perfect fit

Perfect fit

Perfectly fits any shoe size. Consult our size chart!

Non slippery

Non slippery

You won’t feel a difference. Fits like a glove. A shoe glove.

The Rabbitto Drygear Original

Our Original pair will get you started and guaranteed have a positive impact on your daily commute.

Packed in a small, snap-shut bag, you can take it with you in any bag or purse. Once the weather turns blue, you’ll be glad to be ready for it.

Designed with care, just slip your shoes into it with ease, close the zipper and you’re good to go regardless of thunder or flood. It’ll protect your shoes not just from water damage, but also from the negative effects of mud and pollution that gets dissolved in rain water and would otherwise seep into your shoes, slowly eating away at it.

Easily double your shoes’ life expectancy! Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

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